EcoMinga Foundation
 Art Exhibition 

"Verde viento, verdes ramas"

Nelson Román

Estuardo Maldonado
Miguel Betancourt
Jesús Cobo
Nicolás Svistoonoff
Pilar Bustos
Oswaldo Viteri
Sara Sanches
Enrique Estuardo Alvarez
Paula Barragán
Gerardo Guerra
Carlos Monsalve
Sandra Beraha
Tanya Kohn
David Moscoso
Antonio Romoleroux
Alberto Soriano
Margot Ledergerber
Carlos Viver
Antonio Arias
Francisco Proaño
Paulina Baca
José Bastidas
Pete Oxford
Christoph Hirtz
Olivier Auverlau
Jorge Anhalzer
Shirma Guayasamín
Carlos Ashton
Juan Manuel Carrión
César Carranza
Max Benavides
Rodrigo Colorado
Yanara Guayasamín
Verena Spori
Jens Pommerening
Gabriela Rota
Verónica Paz
Marisol Villagómez
Dayuma Guayasamín
Miguel Varea
Ketty Grun
Raul Salgado

The original exhibition, "Verde viento, verdes ramas", (Green breezes, green branches), was organized by the EcoMinga Foundation to raise funds for its environmental work. Forty-four famous local artists, photographers, sculptors, and jewelers offered their works in support of this cause. The exhibit was shown in late November and early December at the Galleries of Centro Cultural Itchmbía, a public space belonging to the municipal government of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. Thirteen thousand people visited the exhibit during its run of three weeks.
Participating artists have agreed to continue supporting EcoMinga’s work through this virtual version of the exhibit. The works illustrated here are those still available for purchase. Fifty percent of the value of each work goes to the artist, and the other fifty percent goes to the EcoMinga Foundation. This Foundation hopes to save the large number of endemic Ecuadorian plant and animal species that are not protected by national parks, through establishment of strategically placed nature reserves. In addition the foundation supports community involvement in conservation and ecotourism, supports reforestation efforts that benefit local people, and education initiatives aimed at local and foreign students. The foundation hopes to bring together Ecuadorians and people of all nationalities to try to conserve one of the most important centers of biodiversity on the planet. In so doing, the foundation helps preserve Ecuador’s natural and cultural heritage and avert the ecological and human disaster that will result if nothing is done.

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